Why Choose The FB Ads Masterclass?

We know that running Facebook Ads can be hard work for your business. There's a lot of moving parts and it can seem like you're wasting your money. By following our step-by-step videos and downloadable guides you'll be running Facebook Ads like a pro in no time.


Learn at your own pace – no expiry date!


Get personalised support in our private members community


Run Facebook Ads that bring the right people to your business


Take the guesswork out of running Facebook ads

Hey there, I'm Angela from Dotti Media!

If you've been frustrated with the Facebook ads that you've currently been running, if you’ve been hitting the ‘boost post’ button without any idea if it’s doing anything for your business, or if you've never started on your ads, and you want to know how to do them properly from the beginning, then the Facebook Ads Masterclass has been created for you.

If you don’t have the budget to have someone to run your Facebook ads for you and still want to know the BEST strategies of what’s working...

Then we’ve created the Masterclass for you.

This stuff isn’t rocket science but it can be seriously confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.


The Masterclass is our system to help you understand how Facebook ads work, know what types of ads you need to run to get your results, and getting you to really look at your results so you know if they're working or not. Ultimately I want you to have a really awesome experience with Facebook ads, rather than just tearing your hair out!

In addition to having over 4 years experience running Facebook Ad campaigns in Australia and internationally, I’m also a Member of Dominate Web Media’s Inner Circle where we brainstorm the latest Facebook Ad strategies with some of the top Facebook advertisers in the world.


I am in the Facebook Ads Manager & Power Editor ALL DAY EVERY DAY and I know what’s working, what’s not and why your ads didn’t work.

The Masterclass is an online course created by myself and Miranda, Co-Owner and Marketing Strategist at Dotti Media.


It's got video training, checklists of how set up your ads, cheat sheets that you can download. We've got a private Facebook group, where Miranda and I are in there every day, as well as an awesome bunch of other business owners to help you out. We're answering your questions, helping you with your ad ideas, basically anything you're struggling with!



Word On The Street


“Dotti Media's FB Ads Masterclass has helped me understand how to create, run and assess viability of my ads. I loved that I could progress through the course at my own pace and watch the online tutorials as I went through the process. Not to mention the support and answers to any questions through the Facebook group!"

Melania Jack,
Dirt Girl World


“Angela gave me incredible insight into how to advertise to, and connect with my target market. It totally removed the guess work out of my campaigns and that level of neuroticism you start to get, when you're checking their performance every 5 minutes! Instead, I have a system and an approach that I can re-use each time I do a new campaign, and know it will work”

Amelia Lee, Undercover Architect

Laura Kupperman

“Working with Angela to grow my webinars was fantastic! She handled the whole process extremely professionally and was always available for questions. Best of all, the Facebook ad campaign worked really well! I was flat out shocked at how many more people registered for my webinar thanks to the ad. I had no idea it would work so well." "

Laura Kupperman,
Career & Business Coach


“Dotti Media’s Facebook Ads training was full of actionable tips that I could apply immediately. I saw results from making just a few simple changes, and I'm now getting better results with my Facebook Ads than ever before.”

Jules Galloway, Naturopath

Jennie Lee

Angela helped me create my first Facebook ads and understand that platform. She is thorough and knowledgeable and helped me achieve good results on our first test ad.” hat are you waiting for?

Yoga Therapist

“Your training is so clear and easy to follow. The way that you work through the "how to do" with the step-by-step slides is fantastic. I have completed training with other companies both here in Australia and from the USA and nothing compares to the quality and topics covered. I have a better understanding and feel more confident with Facebook after completing your training unlike how I felt after completing the other training courses with other companies. I have been getting amazing results with Facebook advertising and I have you to thank for that.”

Christeen, Sewing School Owner

What’s in the Masterclass?


Step by Step Facebook Ads Video Tutorials

From setting up your ad account to complex strategies that have been working for our clients, you’ll receive them all in our step by step video training. You'll learn how to create custom audiences from your email list, website traffic, video views, lookalikes & more. You'll target the right people like never before!

Value $597


Facebook Ads Masterclass VIP Group

Regular FB Live Updates

If the Campaign Checklists are popular, this part of the Masterclass is the most useful! It’s hard to make progress on your own which is why once you’re a Masterclass VIP you get invited to our Private Facebook Group. This is THE place to ask questions about your ad images and copy, which ads to run when and ask questions about your results.

Value $597


Campaign + Creative Checklists

One of the most popular aspects from our existing students is the ability to download ad campaign checklists to ensure that you’re setting up your ads the right way.

Value $197


Facebook Ads Swipe File

Fast track your Facebook Ads success with our stash of Ads examples from all kinds of industries. This is the very same stuff that we refer to set up winning campaigns for clients.

Value $197

Total Value: $1988

YOU PAY: $497




What People Are Saying

“Thanks Angela, I've learnt so much from the Masterclass course, and I find the most useful element is the chance to ask questions in the closed Facebook group (and find out I'm not the only one battling the Facebook gremlins!!) Thanks again, you've made all the difference to our Physio clinic in Adelaide, and I've recommended you to many of my business friends"

Sally Mander, Physiotherapist


“I want to thank you for your class and the way you set it up. I knew absolutely nothing about Facebook at all, let alone advertising.”

Gabrielle, Fashion Designer


“In two weeks Angela made more progress with my list building than I did in over 6 months!"

Kristy, Business Owner

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