Get Smart & Retarget

Did you know... That only 1% of your website visitors will purchase on the first visit? (if you're lucky)

If you want to send make the most of your Facebook ad spend, you'll need to learn how to use retargeting.

Would you like to know how to...

  • Retarget website visitors
  • Retarget video viewers
  • Retarget people who engage with your posts & ads
  • Create Lookalike Audiences
  • And not spend hours trying to work out how to do it

There are a lot of BIG Businesses not using Facebook retargeting, but businesses of any size have the ability to do this quickly and cheaply.

With Get Smart & Retarget, you'll learn how you can do it yourself in just a a few hours, and under $20! 

Hundreds of other business owners have already completed our Facebook Ads Training and loved it. With our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can't go wrong!

This is cheap, why are you almost giving this away?  

That's right, an hour with us costs $297 and this is over an hours worth of GOLD for just $19. However at Dotti Media, we're on a mission to help business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers understand Facebook Ads. We know that you can spend A LOT of money on Facebook ads sending traffic to your website or increasing your engagement on your page. However if you're not using retargeting, then you're only going to be showing these people your ads 'once' and hoping for the best.

Does this really work?  

It sure does! Without retargeting, our campaigns would never be as successful as we would like for our clients. We really believe that this may be the missing link that you're looking for.

Sounds like it's going to be difficult...  

The good news is that it's not! Once you've set up these Custom Audiences a few times, you'll be a pro. How do we know? Because we train people how to do it themselves every week.

"Angela explains the processes simply, is at all times accountable and accessible and knows her stuff inside and out...and is willing to share that knowledge with clients!" - Jodie Clarke, The Empowered Educator

"Clever, sharp, quick and fun" - Astrid, Bubnest

Get Smart & Retarget: What's Included

8 Step by Step Video Tutorials

  • Custom Audiences: All Web Pages
  • Custom Audiences: Email & Lookalike
  • Custom Audiences: One page & not another
  • Custom Audiences: Specific Words
  • Custom Audiences: Specific Pages
  • Custom Audiences: Page Post Engagement
  • Custom Audiences: Video Viewers
  • How to select your Custom Audiences

Bonus Videos & Downloads

  • How to add the FB pixel to your website
  • Turning leads into sales – understanding cold, warm and hot traffic

Get Smart & Retarget Facebook Ads Training $19

"In two weeks Angela made more progress with my list building than I did in over 6 months!" 

- Kristy, Business Owner

"Dotti Media’s FB Ads training was full of actionable tips that I could apply immediately. I saw huge results from making just a few simple changes, and I'm now getting better results with my FB Ads than ever before." 

- Jules Galloway, Naturopath

"Angela gave me incredible insight into how to advertise to, and connect with my target market. It totally removed the guess work out of my campaigns and that level of neuroticism you start to get, when you're checking their performance every 5 minutes! Instead, I have a system and an approach that I can re-use each time I do a new campaign, and know it will work” 

- Amelia Lee, Undercover Architect

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